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Industrial roofing

With 21 years of experience, we are a very reliable partner in the field of industrial roofing. We are specialized in both renovation and construction of roofs, facade cladding (with Reveal Panel system in zinc), timber boarding, installation of industrial cool units, roof insulation, roof repair, skylights & drains, installing and cleaning solar panels and last but not least asbestos removal, for which the Allrenbo Group possesses the necessary certificates, from demolition to transportation down to disposal.

We guarantee a watertight solution for all your roofs!

We are also up to date with the latest techniques, putting them into practice with the greatest of care. You can find us all over Europe, from Belgium to Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Luxemburg and Germany.
All projects are performed by our own specially trained employees, educated and experienced in the assignment that they are given.

An overview of our industrial activities :