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Solar Panels

We are a young and dynamic enterprise convinced that we can all attribute to the protection of our fragile environment.
In our society, the sun is one of the few sources of energy offered freely by mother nature. Why not using it to the fullest by converting these into green electricity by means of a photovoltaic installation? In addition to placing or renovation of roof constructions and coverages, we also like to place your solar panels with the greatest care.

Our knowledge and experience of the market guarantees a qualitative and durable installation of the best photovoltaic pannels on your roof. With this know-how we guide you through a world of a constantly changing subsidy regulations, request for building permits, green certificates, all questions about energy, type of solar pannels, etc …
We are taking care ofcomplete design of your dossier and the placement of your installaion. We guarantee a beautifull looking building concept you will enjoy for a long time.

Why choosing Allrenbo ?